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Charttrader is a fee-only registered investment advisory company (RIA) with its headquarters located in Hollywood, Florida. ChartTrader Inc. provides Wealth Advisory Services.

The Adviser is compensated for investment management or supervisory services based on clients assets under management. Fees are paid quarterly in advance and are negotiable. Fees are due on the first day of the calendar quarter, and are based on the account’s asset value as of the last business day of the prior calendar quarter. Fees are prorated for accounts opened during the quarter.

2 Types of Trading on ChartTrader

1.) If you want me to enter trades for you and give you advice on trading futures and options, I can do that for you if you meet certain qualifications.  ie Accredited investor, signing an additional risk disclosure document, and agree to speculate with no more than 20% of the total value of your account if futures and options.

2.) You can call me for ideas and trades but they are only for educational purposes and you must enter the trades yourself and sign a form releasing me of any liability for your self directed account.

Financial planning increases your probability of success.

We recognize that to achieve financial success the support of qualified advice is necessary to reinforce investment discipline and maintain a steady course over a longer period of time. We provide an active approach to managing all aspects of our clients’ financial situations. We can demonstrate the short-term as well as long-term benefits of smarter investment strategies and improved investment decisions. We will also show our clients how to securely transfer money to loved ones, establish a trust or foundation, or simply help them to manage their finances on a daily basis.

Why Trade with ChartTrader?

At ChartTrader you can work with a Registered Investment Advisor who will use the full power of the markets. No minimum account size. Annual Fees starting at only $300* ChartTrader clients will have full access to all trader tools available.

ChartTrader is a fee-only registered investment advisory company (RIA) with its headquarters located in Hollywood, Florida. ChartTrader Inc. provides Wealth Advisory Services including Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management to individuals as well as institutions.

ChartTrader advisors will show you how to use the powerfull traders tools and technology available. ChartTrader clients will have access to: World-class tools and technology. ChartTrader clients who open accounts will have full access to the following features:

  • #1 Rated Trading Platform*
  • Contingent Orders — Trailing Stops, One Cancels Other and One Triggers Other
  • Free Streaming Quotes — FREE unlimited streaming stock & option quotes
  • Extended Hours Trading — Pre-market and post-market stock trading ability
  • Virtual Trading — Test trading strategies with live market data without risking money
  • And much more...

ChartTrader Fee Schedule

1 $10,000 to $25,000 3%
2 $25,001 to $50,000 2.5%
3 $50,001 to 100,000 2%
4 $100,001 to $500,000 1.5%
5 Over $500,001 1%
Minimum fee is $300 per year.
All Fee’s are charged in advance. Accounts over $25,001 are charged quarterly.